Varifocal Lens Guide

The two key attributes of

Varifocal Lenses

Cheaper varifocals do not possess either of the above attributes, and after seeing so many customers struggle to adapt to cheaper varifocals, we only offer a mid-range, 'Standard' varifocal, and a very top of the range 'Premium' varifocal.

For our varifocal lenses, we use the world-leader, Essilor.

Varifocal Lens Comparison

Standard Varifocal Lenses


Premium Varifocal Lenses

  • Widest field of vision
  • Easiest to adapt
  • The most advanced varifocal lens on the market
  • Premium coating included
  • Essilor Varilux X-Series

Varifocal Lens Advice

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