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You have reached the mathematics page of Dr. Adam Harris.

I completed my PhD at Oxford University in 2014 under the supervision of Jonathan Pila and Boris Zilber. My research is in the areas of Model Theory, Number Theory and Arithmetic Geometry.

  • My DPhil Thesis "Categoricity and Covering Spaces".
  • More recent work with Chris Daw, which contains a the generalisation of my work on the j-function to Shimura Varieties.
  • My Vimeo account has some video lectures for a course on elementary number theory which I wrote and gave at UEA in 2014.
  • My CV.
  • My page at the Mathematics Genealogy Project.


Currently I am taking a break from mathematics to work with my family at OCO Glasses, however please feel free to contact me regarding any mathematical queries at the email address: adam "at" ocoglasses "dot" co "dot" uk.