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September 09, 2015


Introduction to the Productivity Section

I’m Adam, one of the founders of OCO. In this section of the blog I’ll be writing about topics around productivity, in particular:

  • My Ketogenic diet
  • Sleep hacking
  • Teaching and Learning Methods
  • ADHD
  • GTD methodology.

So what got me interested in these things?

For the last few years I was studying, researching and teaching mathematics (you can view my mathematics page here).

Early on in my mathematical career, I noticed a direct correlation between eating a large portion of fish and chips for lunch, and having an unproductive afternoon’s work, with a possible unplanned snooze at my desk. This lead me on a quest to start improving my brain through diet, and from there I started looking into “life hacking” in general.

I found the research side of my PhD fairly easy and extremely enjoyable, and probably completed the bulk of the work in 2 years, but I found the writing up side near impossible! It became clear after a couple of years of not being able to write up my work that I have the classic signs of ADHD – undiagnosed because I did well in school. Recently I was recommended the book Getting Things Done (GTD), and now I am hopefully on the way to transforming my naturally chaotic way of being, into a much more organised and efficient entity.

So there’s my justification for what might follow…

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