The moment I realised I needed Varifocals

Woman looking over glasses - needs a varifocal Being an optometrist I frequently advise people as to the benefits of varifocal lenses, and I can actually remember the precise moment I realised I needed them. It was whilst attending a conference. My distance vision had been fine up to that point, but I had worn reading glasses for a while, and adjusted to having to take them everywhere with me. I had diligently packed them in my bag along with my other essentials for the day, so had no problem reading the detailed lecture programme. I chatted to the other attendees on my way in and went through to the lecture hall to find a seat. So far so good. Then the speaker came in to start his talk and put up a screen containing his lecture slides. I looked up. I couldn’t read any of it! I couldn't even see him properly! Not to worry: I took my glasses off - much better. He continued the lecture and asked us to turn to page two. Oh no, I couldn’t see it! Where had I put my glasses? Of course, when I looked back up at the lecturer he was blurred again. I needed to be able to see at long and short distances at the same time, but I couldn’t. I ended up trying to perch my specs on the end of my nose for the rest of the lecture - not a good look. In fact, by the end of the lecture I must have looked like a stern schoolmistress with a neck problem. I ordered varifocals the next day and I’ve never looked back (or around for my glasses). I have seamless, clear vision at all distances whenever I want it - something people need in whichever walk of life they inhabit.

Frame Spotlight: DITA Journey

dita-journey-dita-blk-pal-drk-gry-blu-flsh_0001dita-journey-dita-blk-pal-drk-gry-blu-flsh_0003dita-journey-dita-blk-pal-drk-gry-blu-flsh_0007DITA Journey sunglasses are everything you’ve come to expect from the acclaimed DITA brand. Loving crafted with precision detail, DITA Journey encapsulates DITA’s core values of creating unique and flawless eyewear, which looks beautiful and fits perfectly.

DITA Journey is a clean and elegant model, taking inspiration from yesteryear’s vintage glamour era. This iconic style, paired with today’s modern production techniques, has resulted in an upscale piece of eyewear of obvious distinction.

The elegant, slim wire frame of Journey leads round to timeless circle lenses, in a gentle dark grey hue. Circle frames suit both men and women and the soft lines are particularly complementary on heart-shaped, square or rectangular shaped faced.

The subtle DITA branding on the lens is a simple stamp of luxury, designer authenticity.

Journey features a double nose bridge, with textured detailing, bringing a modern twist to this classic shape of eyewear. Wearing a pair of Journey sunglasses will not only make you stand out in a crowd, but the investment will also establish you in the same style group of celebrity devotees, including Jamie Foxx, Brad Pitt and Lenny Kravitz.

DITA don’t just deliver on style. The light-weight titanium frames are built for comfort, with extended care and attention paid to the nose pad and pad arm. The lenses are UV coated, meaning your eyes are fully protected. With DITA, you never have to compromise on style with purpose.

Hand-built in Japan, a single frame can take up to eight months to create. Each frame is then tumbled in traditional bamboo wood chips, leaving the frame with a striking, outstanding finish that is evident as soon as you slip the sunglasses on. 

DITA Journey are available both with and without prescription lenses.

The Perfect Gift For The Lady In Your Life This Christmas

Treat that special lady in your life this Christmas with this stunning Linda Farrow gift, new in at British online eyewear retailer OCO. The sunglasses (LFL/388) are a statement piece from the Linda Farrow sunglasses collection. Launched in 1970, Linda Farrow, a former fashion designer, was one of the first to treat the sunglasses in her collection as fashion pieces in their own right. Her brand of luxury eyewear was soon picked up by stylish Londoners and the international jet set. Today, the brand continues to grow as Linda creates collection after cutting-edge collection. Packaged in a stunning jewellery box, these sunglasses as the perfect gift for the fashion-conscious lady in your life, with the black and gold detailing reflecting the luxurious feel of the product. OCO’s Jennie Harris says: “These Linda Farrow sunglasses are really special – they would make the perfect gift this Christmas. “The front of the frame is acetate with cage detailing on each side, creating a unique, show-stopping look.” The OCO team are qualified optometrists with over 30 years of experience in the industry. They offer free next working day delivery (DPD) and an online prescription eyewear service. Visit the OCO website to check out their extensive range of branded eyewear. Linda Farrow Sunglasses

Frame Spotlight: DITA Heartbreaker

Captivate hearts and win admirable glances in these charming DITA heartbreaker sunglasses.

This modern take on the classic cat-eye shape can instantly transform you into a high class sex kitten. The classic colour combination of stunning large, black frames matched with the simple elegance of the slim, 18K gold plated arms make for an chic pair of sunglasses, sure to turn heads wherever you go.

Cat eye sunglasses suit most types of faces and with a range of colour combinations, you’re sure to find your perfect style accessory. Why not opt for the ultra-versatile crystal clear frames with milky flash lenses or retro tortoiseshell frames and stunning violet lenses. The DITA Heartbreaker model offers vintage glamour designed with today’s fashion-conscious audience in mind.    DITA Heartbreaker Sunglasses

These Heartbreaker sunglasses are crafted from lightweight acetate and stainless steel, offering a superb, lightweight fitting. The low-key branding allows this elegant piece of eyewear to do all the talking. Sealing your reputation as cool, stylish and successful.

DITA sunglasses of choice for the elite. David Beckham, Paris Hilton and Jennifer Lopz are all big fans of the brand. Singer, Jessi Malay, has been seen wearing DITA Heartbreakers and this particular model continues to be one of DITA’s most admired styles.

With the winning DITA combination of edgy styling paired with meticulous handcrafting techniques, every pair of DITA sunglasses is an exquisite piece of workmanship.

DITA sunglasses are built by experienced artisans in Japan and are created to exacting specifications, with over three hundred separate components making up every piece of eyewear. With DITA, you know you are investing in lifelong quality.

DITA sunglasses are available with or without prescription lenses.

Frame Spotlight: DITA Freebird

Luxurious and distinctive, Freebird, is one of the most prestigious creations in the DITA range.

Crafted from 18K gold and black acetate, this absolutely stunning model will be the crowning glory of any outfit. Perfectly understated for light lunches with the girls, but equally glamourous for a last minute date with that special someone, these unforgettable sunglasses are bound to cause a stir (and enviable glances!) amongst friends and lovers alike.

Freebird is available in two striking colour combinations. Dark tortoiseshell and coffee complements blonde locks and fair complexions, whilst black and gold is the perfect cutting edge accessory for making a powerful statement, but without harsh branding. The lightweight frame is comfortable enough to take you from morning to afternoon and ensures you won’t be left with any unsightly marking on your nose. 

Round lenses have been a celebrated style statement for decades. The immortal look emanates cool sophistication and class. The slim arms reach round to the circular lenses, highlighting simple stripe detailing.  Both styles feature discreet brand etching on the left lens and the classic ‘D’ logo on the nose edges.

Always on-trend but never the norm, DITA are the sunglasses choice of some of the most popular and influential people in the world. DITA ambassadors include Lewis Hamilton, Hilary Duff and of course, the brand’s namesake and ultimate sex kitten - Dita Von Teese.

The sheer elegance of DITA sunglasses is born out of tough determination to create beautiful, timeless eyewear, which doesn’t compromise on function. Each piece is handcrafted in Japan, against tough manufacturing standards.

With DITA sunglasses, you can be completely assured that your eyes are safeguarded as lenses offer 100% UV protection.

All DITA models are available with or without prescription lenses.

Frame Spotlight: DITA Creator

dita-creator-dita-mt-chrcl-gry-to-clr-blk-flsh_0001 dita-creator-dita-mt-chrcl-gry-to-clr-blk-flsh_0003 dita-creator-dita-mt-chrcl-gry-to-clr-blk-flsh_0007 dita-creator-dita-mt-chrcl-gry-to-clr-blk-flsh_0013DITA Creator, which has won respect by style icons such as Usher and Kourtney Kardashian, is one of the most sought-after and celebrated models in the DITA range.

The thick arms of the Creator are the show stopping feature of this fine piece of eyewear. Striking and bold, they lead around to the square frame, bringing a fresh twist to the classic square sunglasses shape. The grey gradient lenses ensure these are the perfect, versatile accessory for any kind of outfit and for any function, from a star studded awards ceremony to a low key afternoon late lunch.

DITA Creator feature twin studs on the edge of the frame, a reassuring and edgy DITA feature, reminding yourself and those around you that this piece of eyewear is born from an extraordinary brand.

Comfort and style go hand in hand with every DITA product. In fact, these easy-fitting sunglasses are so comfortable, you won’t even know you’re wearing them. The lightweight acetate ensures these glasses are built to last, but without weighing down on your face.

DITA’s proven track record of precision-made engineering paired with exquisite craftsmanship has won a fan base of rich and influential stars. The lasting designs are authentic in every detail, faithfully recreating the retro highlights of the past four decades and blending them with a modern stroke of style.

DITA sunglasses are hand built in Japan. One pair of sunglasses can feature up to three hundred and twenty separate parts and take around eight months to build.

By rewarding yourself with a pair of DITA Creators, you’ll join a very special kind of group. The type of people who wear DITA are inimitable, high achieving and admired. Pioneers of fashion and loyal brand enthusiasts.

As with other glasses in the DITA range, the Creator is available with or without prescription lenses.

Frame Spotlight: DITA Cascais

You don’t have to be a man to wear Cascais. These bold, strong sunglasses are popular amongst female DITA fans too, such as American model, Terra Grantham.dita-cascais-dita-blk-shny-18k-gld-gry-clear_0003 dita-cascais-dita-blk-shny-18k-gld-gry-clear_0013

Cascais sunglasses are not for the faint hearted. The frame might look heavy, but as it is made from titanium, it is actually lightweight and very comfortable. The nose pads are also crafted from comfortable titanium too, leaving no marks when you take them off.

This modern twist on the classic aviator shape blends black and gold colouring perfectly and the 18K gold plated textured temples ensure all eyes are on you. The slim arms on the Cascais feature black and gold colouring too. With an unusual twin arm feature, this model is tasteful whilst still having a definite edge.

There’s no escaping the opulence with DITA Cascais. And with such strong appeal, they scream exclusivity. You can certainly unleash your inner celebrity wearing these. Unlike common high street brands, DITA eyewear prides itself on low key branding, preferring each model to make its own statement.

Keep on top of your eyewear game by investing in these striking sunglasses. Not only will you strengthen your reputation as a bold trend-setter, you’ll also be keeping in good company with other DITA famous fans, including Jamie Foxx and David Beckham.

DITA sunglasses are born out of love by LA-based designers John Juniper and Jeff Solorio. The brand is heavily influenced by the retro glamour of the fifties right through to the eighties. Juniper and Solorio use these key styles as a base and add their own unique DITA twist.

Built in Japan, to strict manufacturing regulations, DITA Cascais sunglasses are UV protected and feature anti-reflective lens coating. These sunglasses are also available with or without prescription lenses.

Frame Spotlight: DITA Mach Three

dita-mach-three-dita-mt-blk-18k-gld_0001dita-mach-three-dita-mt-blk-18k-gld_0003dita-mach-three-dita-mt-blk-18k-gld_0007dita-mach-three-dita-mt-blk-18k-gld_0013DITA sunglasses are famed for style, quality and panache and the Mach Three is no exception. This model features the classic double bridge, synonymous with other Mach sunglasses in the DITA range.

There are three colour choices available, each created from lightweight titanium and acetate. The most striking version is the matte navy blue and 18K gold plated frame, paired with beautiful ice blue lenses. If you’re keen on making an unforgettable impression, these are the sunglasses for you.

For a more understated approach, you can’t go wrong with ageless matte black and gold, or the softer matte tortoise and matte black.

Mach Three are a pair of sunglasses that will never date. The wayfarer style has been a fashion staple for decades. Making an investment in this signature pair of sunglasses is essential in order to maintain a smart, sophisticated look.

DITA is famed for its modern twist on vintage styles. Adding its special blend of cutting edge design and modern engineering, DITA always deliver an eyewear piece that is beyond beautiful.

The brand is also a regular at star-studded events, where luxury fashion is always appreciated. Lewis Hamilton, Paris Hilton and Hilary Duff are all key brand ambassadors and have made DITA their choice of eyewear.

Exclusivity is at the core of DITA’s branding. With no high end marketing campaigns, you’ll never see DITA advertising all over the magazines, but you will spot plenty of photographs of celebrities wearing the brand and enjoying the attention DITA receives.

The Japanese manufacturing process features up to a three hundred and twenty step process. Each pair of sunglasses is built to last, where attention to detail is a strong point of DITA’s philosophy.

DITA Mach Three sunglasses are available with or without prescription lenses.

Frame Spotlight: DITA Mach Two

dita-mach-two-dita-shny-18k-gld-blk-d-brwn-clear_0001dita-mach-two-dita-shny-18k-gld-blk-d-brwn-clear_0003dita-mach-two-dita-shny-18k-gld-blk-d-brwn-clear_0007dita-mach-two-dita-shny-18k-gld-blk-d-brwn-clear_0013DITA Mach Two are part of the iconic DITA Mach series. Just like the Mach One, Mach Two is sleek, modern and exudes a special kind of cool.

There are three killer colour combinations to choose from. Matte black and matte antiqued black are the classic choice, complementing any style outfit. A more striking choice is the matte black and antiqued silver grey. For a softer look, opt for the shiny 18K gold, black and dark brown. Perfect for shopping trips and driving around with the rooftop down.

Every pair of Mach Two sunglasses is emblazoned with simple DITA branding on the edge of the lens. DITA is a brand built on sophistication and subtleness. Unlike common high street brands, it doesn’t need to shout about its quality.

The DITA twist on the admired aviator frame has resulted in a timeless pair of sunglasses which are sure to last you a lifetime. The aviator style is flattering on men and women and is particularly suited to round, oval and square faces shapes.

The lightweight titanium frames ensure that comfort isn’t compromised in the name of high-end fashion. These sunglasses are so light, you might even forget you’re wearing them. Mach Two offer 100% UV protection, so you can be sure your eyes are fully protected without faltering in the style stakes.

Hand built in strictly regulated Japanese factories, you can be sure that every single pair of DITA sunglasses has been crafted to exacting standards. These Japanese craftsmen are masters of their trade, treating every pair with the kind of care and attention you can expect from a serious luxury brand.

DITA sunglasses are available with or without prescription lenses.

Frame Spotlight: DITA Mach One

dita-mach-one-dita-shny-18k-gld-blk-d-brwn-clear_0001 dita-mach-one-dita-shny-18k-gld-blk-d-brwn-clear_0004 dita-mach-one-dita-shny-18k-gld-blk-d-brwn-clear_0007 dita-mach-one-dita-shny-18k-gld-blk-d-brwn-clear_0013DITA ripped up the rule book and redefined eyewear design when they produced the iconic DITA Mach One.

A revolution in sunglasses design, Mach One is more than just another pair of sunglasses. This powerful take on the celebrated aviator shape has resulted in a daring and contemporary design, tailored to perfection for today’s modern trendsetter.

The slim arms, crafted in antiqued silver or plated gold, complement the dominating slopes of the admired aviator shape. The result is a deluxe pair of sunglasses, which wrap you in glamour as soon as you slip them on.

DITA Mach One is available in four high-end colour combinations. Dramatic matte black and grey lenses are a flexible piece of eyewear which can be worn dressed down for a chilled out lunch or dressed up for an exclusive event. For a softer approach, why not opt for shiny 18k gold and dark brown, for a sophisticated and elegant look.

DITA Mach One is the eyewear choice of huge stars, including Jamie Foxx, Bruno Mars and Lewis Hamilton. And it’s not just the guys enjoying the attention Mach One earns. Jennifer Lopez is a fan too and wears the classically styled 18K gold plated arms and brown lens colour combination.

As with other sunglasses in the DITA range, Mach One is created by skilled Japanese artisans, who have been honing their skill for decades. Every pair is manufactured to strict regulations, ensuring that every product that leaves the factory is exquisitely created and built to last a lifetime.

DITA sunglasses are in a complete league of their own. These sunglasses are the only option for the serious fashionista. In a sea of sunglasses sameness, with DITA there’s simply no comparison.

DITA sunglasses are available with or without prescription lenses. 

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